15 Great Plants That Are Easy To Take Care Of

Plants are a great way to brighten up a home while helping the environment. While it seems daunting to tend to them, it does not have to be! Taking care of a plant can be a relaxing hobby that is also rewarding. And even if you do not have a green thumb, do not worry! There are lots of plants you can take care of that requires minimum care, but still look beautiful in a home! Here are 15 ideas for plants that you can start to take care of:

1. Asparagus fern

Technically not a fern, this plant is able to withstand neglect pretty easily. It is perfectly happy living in a bright spot, or in a dark corner. To take care of it, all you will have to do is keep the soil moist. A little bit of love goes a long way with this plant.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

Definitely a plant that makes a statement in a home. Full of lush leaves, their tough disposition means that they are able to thrive pretty easily. They do not need direct sunlight but do prefer a nice and bright location. Keep them hydrated in the summer, and leave them be in the winter and you will have a happy plant.

3. Pothos ivy

An air-purifying plant, pothos ivy are easy to take care of and handy - a double treat! They require a moderate amount of water, and no direct sunlight to really thrive. One of the easiest houseplants out there, it is able to survive both drought and moisture. 

4. Aloe vera

A great plant to have in the house since it is easy to grow and it has a lot of healing properties. Whether you have a sunburn or angry and sensitive skin, having an aloe plant around can help soothe your symptoms while providing some greenery in the house. You can get large or small varieties, making it a good fit for houses of all sizes. All it needs is a lot of sunlight and some dry soil to thrive.

5. Jade plant

Jade plants are known for their thick leaves and lush look. And as an added bonus, their branches can often be a source of visual interest. If you want a plant that can add some freshness and style to your home without needing too much care, jade plants are a good choice. These plants are slow to grow and survive long, so it is a commitment. All they need is some dry soil and moderate sunlight.

6. Lucky bamboo

Sometimes, plant names can be a bit deceiving. Lucky bamboo is not a bamboo at all, but it is an easy plant to take care of. Lucky bamboo do not need much to survive. With regular watering and indirect light, these plants will start to grow. However, it is important to bear in mind that they do not do well in the cold so they might need some extra attention in the winter. Having some fertilizer during this time helps ensure their survival during some of the darker months.

7. Chinese money plant

A lucky plant, Chinese money plants are hearty with lush leaves. A low maintenance plant, all they need is some shade and watering once a week for them to thrive. And luckily, money plants are easy to propagate and multiply. You can use replant the offshoots that grow from the stem base in different pots to place around your house so that you can have multiple money plants.

8. Spider plant

Spider plants are a great option if you want to incorporate more plants into your interior design without having to do too much maintenance. Although unusual looking, they can be placed on flat surfaces or used as a hanging plant. To keep spider plants healthy and lush, keeping the soil moist is key as well as providing some bright indirect light.

9. Snake plant

Notoriously easy to take care of, snake plants are an easy addition to a home that needs little to no maintenance. And as a bonus, they are also known for their air-purifying abilities. Leaves grow upright, and you might even get lucky enough to see some small white flowers bloom - although that is a rare occurrence. Even in varied lighting and dry soil, snake plants can survive and continue to grow.

10. Umbrella tree

An easy to handle tropical tree, it is best kept indoors. It can grow very tall, so it is important to place it somewhere where it has ample room to grow. Minimal watering is best for this plant, as is indirect sunlight for it grow taller and taller. 

11. Yucca

A sturdy plant, all the yucca plant really needs is ample sunlight. As with the umbrella tree, minimal watering is best for these plants. However, its stems can often get heavy and woody (which might cause it to topple over) so remember to keep it in a deep container to avoid any balance mishaps.

12. African violets

Looking for an easy to handle flowering plant? African violets fit the bill. An incredibly popular houseplant, it is easy to see why they remain so popular. All they need is indirect light and moist soil. However, draining the plant is important in order to keep it from overwatering. While some may use African violet fertilizer every so often for its health, this is not necessary.

13. English ivy

A gorgeous ivy plant, English ivy makes a statement as an indoor plant. Not a lot of other plants can match its grace and beauty, and it leaves a trail across furniture that leaves an elegant effect. The best way to care for an English ivy plant is to keep the soil moist and place it in a room with a cooler temperature. This plant does not handle heat as well, so it is important to give it some extra care during the summer so that it maintains its beauty and elegance.

14. Peace lily

Another easy flowering plant, peace lilies are also an elegant and beautiful houseplant to have. Another plant with air-purifying qualities, its gorgeous white flowers, and lush dark green leaves will make a great addition to your space. Peace lilies are happy in low light and moist soil with moderate watering. 

15. Rubber tree

Want to make a big statement in your home? A rubber tree is able to grow up to 8 feet, making it hard to miss in your space! Rubber trees can also be cut into shrub shapes for those that may not have the space to accommodate its height. To do this, any long stems should be pruned. Known for their distinctively shiny leaves, rubber trees are also easy to maintain. Try to keep the soil dry in between watering it. It does best in medium to bright light to get maximum growth.


Plants are an excellent way to keep busy with a rewarding hobby. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, having indoor plants can freshen up your home and give it a boost of color. Keeping plants that require minimal care and attention means that you get to reap the benefits of having plants indoors, without having to do too much work. Who knows, maybe this is the start of your very own greenhouse!