3 Reasons to Download the SDC App

We're extremely excited to announce the launch of the Senior Discount Club app! We’ve worked hard to create a great experience that helps you keep on top of all of our great deals and discounts while helping you connect to other seniors! Available on both Android and iOS, the Senior Discount Club app has lots of features for you to explore - here is just a preview:

1. Great deals from retailers you love - now even more accessible!

We’re always tras ying to find the best possible deals to help you save money with retailers you love. With the Senior Discount Club app, you can get these deals even faster than before! You can see retailer offers, how long deals are for as well other related offers. You can also browse through other featured deals, and keep up with updates. 

The app allows for a great, streamlined experience at your fingertips - and faster than ever before! Search for deals by categories, or browse through to see what is currently on.

2. Popular options from the community and exclusive deals

The app also gives you more information on deals trending within the community itself. From food, to clothes, to furniture, browse through what others are shopping for and which deals get you the best value for money. This is especially helpful for time-sensitive deals that expire soon, since you can get access to them quickly and use them right away. 

Plus, you can access exclusive deals faster as well, ensuring that you never miss a good deal. Worried you might miss a great discount? Follow your favorite categories so you can be notified when a new one is posted. 

3. Get to know other users a little better

Curious about other users on Senior Discount Club? Well, now you can get to know other users even better. You can leave comments on great deals to let other people know. Plus, there is also a forum for users to have discussions, learn more and get to know one another. Browse through discussions based on topics, or post about things that matter to you. 

There’s now a lot of ways to voice your opinions, give and seek advice and learn more from the experiences of others. You can like comments, respond in discussions, and engage more with other users.

We’re so excited to launch the Senior Discount Club app and this is only the beginning! We’re committed to creating a great experience that allows seniors to engage more, get amazing deals faster than ever and create a great community of users. 

Download the app now to join the fun!