40% Off 6-Pc Birthday Cake Truffle Flight

$12 $20


Editor Deborah

"You've never had a cake that tasted this luxurious!"

Editor Deborah, 2 months ago


Elevate every birthday with Godiva's exquisite 6-Piece Birthday Cake Truffle Flight, now at an incredible 40% off.

This delightful assortment is a tribute to the most beloved birthday cake flavors, encapsulated in six luxurious truffles.

Imagine savoring the rich, velvety notes of Red Velvet Cake, the decadent allure of Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, and the nostalgic comfort of Cookie Dough.

Each bite is a celebration in itself, a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Gift someone special or treat yourself to this delectable assortment that transcends the ordinary.

This truffle flight is more than chocolate; it's a gesture of joy, a sweet embrace of life's special moments.

Click the green See Deal button today and make every birthday a memory to cherish.

This is more than chocolate; it's a toast to life, love, and the sweetest moments we hold dear.

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